Graduation Requirements


Cardinal Ritter Prep is dedicated to offering an education that reflects our commitment to faith, academic excellence, and preparing students for leadership roles in a multi-ethnic society. Admissions requirements and procedures are in compliance with the St. Louis Archdiocesan admission policies. However, in addition to the above-prescribed steps, there will be an interview process that includes interviewing students and their parents as well as a required short essay composed by the student at the time of the interview.

To graduate from Cardinal Ritter, a student must have successfully completed the minimum credit requirements of the school, have fulfilled the school’s retreat and Christian service requirements, have maintained a satisfactory attendance record as defined by the school, have completed all financial obligations, and have demonstrated satisfactory conduct. It is important for students and parents/guardians to note that credits and passing grades alone do not fulfill the graduation requirements.

A minimum of 30 credits is required for graduation
Students attending Cardinal Ritter Prep must take the following courses:
English 5.0 credits

Foreign Language 2.0 credits
Theology 4.0 credits

Physical Education & Health 1.5 credits
Mathematics 4.0 credits

Fine Arts (Art or Music) 1.0 credit
Science 4.0 credits

Leadership 1.0 credit
Social Studies 3.0 credits

Practical Arts 1.0 credit
Electives 3.0 credits

STEM Lab 0.5 credit

Students should be aware that the above are minimum requirements and that more units are offered in some areas. In order to graduate from Cardinal Ritter College Prep, students must have 30 credits as prescribed in the chart listed above. Credit is awarded on the basis of one-half unit for each course. All graduation requirements must be completed by July 31st. College entrance requirements vary from school to school. Students should, therefore, consult a counselor to learn the entrance requirements for the colleges they are considering.