House Program


The CRCP House Program fosters a better school culture by intentionally and personally creating more accountability, ownership, and leadership opportunities among students and faculty. The fundamental component of the House Program is the assignment of students, staff, and faculty from a large community into smaller ones. In those smaller communities, accountability, ownership, and leadership are more purposefully and productively taught and embodied to build a positive school culture and a stronger school community.

The CRCP House terminology was developed using the NGUZO SABA principles and the threefold mission of Cardinal Ritter College Preparatory.

•    Nia Leaders are made up of Ritter seniors. 
•    The Umoja Elder selects the Nia Leaders in the family.
•    Umoja Elders are Ritter faculty members.
•    The Imani Head of the House is a Ritter faculty member who was chosen to be the representative/spokesperson of the House. 


The Houses.

The House Program consists of four houses. Each House is divided into six families with 12-15 students. At least one faculty and staff member is placed in a family. Both homes and families include all four grade levels.
HALL HOUSE - Mrs. Carmella Hall
Hall, a career educator in St. Louis, Missouri, who served many years at Cardinal Ritter College Prep. During her time here, she served as both Principal and President. She served at both Cardinal Ritter College Prep locations. 

SHOCKLEE HOUSE - Monsignor John Shocklee
Shocklee served as Pastor of the St. Bridget Catholic Church for many years. He also headed the Human Rights Commission in St. Louis. Monsignor Shocklee was well-loved and respected in the black catholic community in St. Louis and was even influential in the founding of Cardinal Ritter College Prep. 
HENDERSON HOUSE - Leon Henderson
Henderson served as a teacher and administrator at Cardinal Ritter College Prep for 30-plus years; for 10 of those years, he served as President. In Leadership class, students developed a strong sense of self-worth and knowledge of history as a young Black man or woman. Henderson also served as the Dean of Student Affairs/Development at Wilberforce University (the oldest Historically Black University in the nation) for two years (2000 –2002). Henderson also served as an instructor and administrator at the Institute for Black Catholic Studies at Xavier University in New Orleans, Louisiana, for 14-plus years during the summer months. 
CARLSON HOUSE - Archbishop Robert J. Carlson
Carlson has served in the priesthood since 1979. He was later installed as the Archbishop of St. Louis. He was an enthusiastic supporter of Cardinal Ritter College Prep. He supported Cardinal Ritter during his entire time as Archbishop. He retired from his position as Archbishop of the Archdiocese of St. Louis in June 2019. 


What is the Purpose of having the House Program?
The purpose of the House System is to give a structure that promotes a better school culture by creating accountability, ownership, and leadership opportunities among students and faculty. 
What is the system of the House Program?
The House System is designed to promote involvement and support for everyone in the school.
How are families chosen for the House Program?
Students are randomly placed in Skyward at the time of their enrollment. Each family has members of each grade.

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