Campus Ministry

As a Catholic High School, Cardinal Ritter is committed to educating the hearts, minds, and souls of our students. Our Campus Ministry and Catholic Club share a mission as “Ritter Catholic” — working to integrate faith into all aspects of our learning community. We begin each day with morning prayer to become more mindful of Christ’s presence throughout each day. It is our hope that as each student progresses through their semester Theology course, they come to grow in their relationship with Christ and understand the importance of living their Christian faith and growing in virtue.
We gather as one community to celebrate monthly Mass and several times a year with our Cardinal Ritter College Prep brothers and sisters. During Mass, we experience our Catholic faith in its fullness. Our chaplains also celebrate Mass each week during lunch and offer adoration each week.

Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry office promotes the spiritual development of the students and their families, faculty, and staff at CRCP. Campus Ministry aims to provide opportunities for all members of the Ritter Lion Family to join in common efforts to provide for the needs of all people served by CRCP. The goals of Ritter Catholic are accomplished through activities such as Liturgical Celebrations, Annual Retreats, and Christian Service Programs.



Catholic Club

Ritter Catholic is our Club organization for both Catholic and Christian students alike. We work to help the students learn and discover about their faith lives through various opportunities. Whether through participating in Liturgical roles as altar servers, lectors, or our mass choir — or by being involved in our Bible study and prayer groups. We are also bringing a new opportunity for weekly mass and adoration.