Q. Can only African Americans attend Cardinal Ritter Prep?
A. No. Cardinal Ritter Prep is open to all religious and ethnic groups.

Q. Do you have to be Catholic to attend?
A. No. Cardinal Ritter Prep is a Catholic school, but more than 70 percent of the
-- student body is not Catholic.

Q. What percentage of graduates go on to college?
A. For the past several years, 100 percent of our seniors have graduated and
-- 100 percent are accepted into the school of their choice.

Q. Is Cardinal Ritter Prep coed?
A. Yes.

Q. How much is tuition?
A. There are several different levels of tuition, but the most anyone would pay is
-- $8,843 (this does not includes all fees).

Q. Is there any financial aid available?
A. Yes, please go to Tuition and Financial Aid.

Q. What grades do you cover?
A. We are a 9-12 school.

Q. How do I go about registering my student?
A. Please see Admissions Process.

Q. When can I apply?
A. Application are open the second week in November after Open House

Q. Can I get college credit hours at Cardinal Ritter Prep?
A. Yes, students may earn up to 18 credit hours.