Student Payments


Cardinal Ritter College Prep has selected the Samsung 11.6” Google Chromebook as the device for our students. The Chromebook is a small laptop that uses the Google Chrome Web Browser to activate Google Applications, log onto the internet, and produce documents. The Chromebook is capable for online- or off-line use and has its own internal storage. To purchase a Chromebook, click the "Purchase Chromebook" below.


Samsung Chromebook specs include but are not limited to:

❖ 6.5 hours of battery life
❖ Webcam
❖ Wireless internet
❖ Bluetooth compatible
❖ USB 2.0 & 3.0 Port, HDMI Port
❖ Weight is only 2.4 pounds, height is 1 inch when closed

It is our intention that students use their Chromebook to access textbooks, record lecture notes, conduct online research, and send assignments electronically to their teachers. The Chromebook will also allow students to create documents, spreadsheets, produce PowerPoint presentations, edit pictures, and access to a wide variety of Google education Apps.

Our research has found the Chromebook to be the most efficient and affordable option for Cardinal Ritter College Prep. All students are required to purchase a Chromebook through the school. The cost of the Chromebook will be set-up as a $300.00 technology fee. The fee covers the cost of the Chromebook, the Chromebook management fee, and set-up. Once purchased, the Chromebook belongs to the student. Students and families are responsible for the cost to replace lost, damage and/or stolen Chromebooks.