Mr. Kevin O’Brien

It is with great sorrow we share that a much beloved member of the Cardinal Ritter family, Mr. Kevin O’Brien, passed away this afternoon, January 29, 2020. Before his retirement in 2018, Mr. O’Brien was part of the CRCP faculty for 37 years. During those 37 years, he was a generous and compassionate role model of excellence.  He would frequently tell his students, “Work ethic overcomes everything,” and he exemplified his words, spending weekends and hours before and after school tutoring and working with students. He would frequently work with struggling seniors right up until their day of graduation; he was determined to send no student forward without solid math skills. Returning alumni always asked about Mr. OB and visited him first.

Mr. O’Brien loved Cardinal Ritter sports as well.  He served as Athletic Director, coached various teams and kept statistics for the football teams. It was unusual to attend any CRCP game and not see Mr. O’Brien on the sidelines or in the bleachers.  He posted every news article about Ritter athletes in his classroom and was the driving force behind creating and posting the state banners in the gym.

We ask you to join us in prayers for Mr. O’Brien, his wife of 39 years, Mary Elizabeth, and their family, including sons Patrick and Brendan and daughter-in-law Leslie.

Funeral arrangements are pending.  At this time the family has requested no calls, no visits.