Tuition & Financial Aid

Payment plans are available.

The actual cost to educate each CRCP student is $16,000.00. Donations to CRCP by generous benefactors help bridge the gap.

Cardinal Ritter has two rates of tuition. The Catholic rate is applied to those students who are baptized Catholic or who have attended a Catholic elementary school and have completed the eighth grade from a Catholic school. All other students pay the non-Catholic rate. Tuition payments begin in July and end in May.


Cardinal Ritter College Prep meets its financial obligations through student tuition and financial support from private donors. Annually, it cost about $16,000.00 to educate a student at Cardinal Ritter College Prep. Each student attending Cardinal Ritter College Prep attends with a significant reduction in tuition. Currently, parents pay $8,033.00 (for Catholic students or a student who graduates from a Catholic school) or $8843.00 (for a non-Catholic student) a year in tuition; making Cardinal Ritter College Prep one the most affordable college prep institutions in the metropolitan region. Annually, families can anticipate a 3%-7% increase over the previous year’s tuition. Tuition does not include registration fee; cost for uniforms; textbooks; field-trips/retreats and other incidentals. These are all costs that the family must incur in addition to paying tuition.

Will my family qualify for aid?

Cardinal Ritter College Prep Financial Assistance

Cardinal Ritter College Prep admits and enrolls students without regard to their financial circumstances and is committed to meeting the demonstrated financial need of eligible students through our financial assistance program.

Financial assistance at Cardinal Ritter is based on demonstrated need; we also offer merit-based scholarships. To receive consideration for financial assistance, parents/guardians of students must complete our Free Application for Student Assistance.

Please follow the links below to complete the application:

Immediate completion of this application is needed for financial assistance and to receive merit-based scholarships.

*This application is incomplete until all required supporting documentation are received. Once a completed application is received, an award package will be issued in 7-10 business days.