Administration (Name, Title)


Tamiko Armstead, President                                                                  Michael Blackshear, Principal


Dr. Pamela Atkinson-Hamilton - Assistant Principal                       Eric Cooper - Director of Admissions

Faculty (Name, Discipline)

Dr.Celeste McCormick., English
Juanita Blackshear, Campus Minister & Theology
Dr. Peter Abegg, Theology
Rachel Baker, Social Studies
Darrin DeChane, Spanish
Linda DePriest, Math
Laura Dobbs-Terry, English
Brittany Gerke, History
Catherine Grant, Consumer Economics
Ryan Johnson, Business Education
Arthur Grimes, History & Social Studies
Richard Hunt, Art
Judith Jackson, Music
Elizabeth Holzer, ELA & School Newspaper
Jousha Daly, Instrumental Music
Arielle Dise, Math
Joseph Pecaut, Business Education & Theology
Jocelyn Pollard, Spanish
Bernard Quinn, Health & Physical Education
Sandy Reid, English
Venus Spain, Science
Dr. Loretta Oliver, ELA
Sylvester Williams, Leadership & Technology
Shenna Woods, Science

Kathleen Dombrink, Science

Leroy Adams, Math

Eunice Davis, Health & Physical Education

Staff (Name/Position)

Fonya Banks, Assistant to the Administration & Registrar
April Brown, Intern Leadership Program Director
Brandon Gregory, College Planning Coordinator
Bridget Jordan, Assistant to the Director of Student Services/Admission
Teri Littlejohn, Tuition Account Specialist/Assistant to the Business Manager
Virginia Roberts, Business Manager
Terrell Ramey, Director of Community Relations
Randy Reed, Athletic Director/Men's Basketball Coach
Diane Trice, Assistant to the President
Preston Thomas, Guidance Counselor
Mike Lampe, Tech Coordinator/STEM

Coaching Staff (Name, Sport[s])

Ruben Albright, Men's Track and Field and Cross Country
Samantha Betts, Women's Track and Field
Brandon Gregory, Football Coach
Bernard Quinn, Asst .Football Coach
Venus Spain, Volleyball
Darren Wade, Women's Basketball Coach
Randy Reed, Men's Basketball Coach
Eunice Davis- Soccer & Baseball Coach