COVID-19 School Closure Information

Update: Archbishop Carlson has made a decision for all Archdiocese schools to continue distance learning for the remainder of the school year.


Click below to view the official announcement. 


Archbishop Robert Carlson has announced that all schools in the Archdiocese of St. Louis will be closed from Wednesday, March 18th  through at least April 3rd.  All extracurricular activities are also postponed/canceled, including athletics.


Archbishop Carlson made this decision in cooperation with local and state government and health officials. Archbishop Carlson says the health and safety of the people of the archdiocese is a priority and sees this

decision as the best path forward to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus in our area.

The following is the plan for Cardinal Ritter College Prep:

  •       Beginning on March 18th, we will go to an e-learning environment to engage our scholars in direct instruction.
  •       Tomorrow, March 16th will be a full academic day and we will release at 2:37. Please make transportation plans accordingly. The bus will run on the regular academic day scheduled at 1:30.
  •       Tuesday, March 17th will also be a full academic day with a 2:37 release.
  •       We will use March 16th and 17th to prepare students for remote learning and to process the concerns of the pandemic that is impacting our communities. We strongly encourage you to send your students to school as it is a necessity to prepare them for the amount of time away from instruction.

We understand challenges are ahead for our school community following this decision. We continue to work with the Archdiocese of St. Louis and state and local health officials to ensure the safety of our school population. We are in this together. Please remember, prayer is of the upmost importance.

E-Learning program


March 18th we will begin our E-Learning program for teaching and learning. This is in response to the decision that was made by Archbishop Carlson in cooperation with local, state government and health officials to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus in our area.


We understand the challenges ahead and are reminded of just how strong and resilient we are as a school community and family. We are in this together and want to make sure you have as much information as possible to help you navigate through these unprecedented times. We also know you may have questions. So, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).  Let’s stay in prayer together. Joshua 1:9 Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Are students expected to keep a regular school schedule?


Yes. Click on the link below for the E-Learning Guidelines and Class Schedule.


How will attendance be accounted for every day?


Attendance will be taken by teachers every class period via Google Classroom and Skyward. Students who do not log on for their classes will be counted as absent.


Will students be expected to turn in work while out of school?


Yes, students are expected to engage in each class period, engage in direct instruction from their teachers, and complete all assignments and assessments as determined by each teacher in their respective classes.


How will the teacher actually “teach” if they will not be at school with the students?


Teachers will engage in direct instruction through our Google Classroom platform.  Students will be expected to submit work, communicate directly with teachers through “Google Hangouts”, and follow a predetermined schedule for E-Learning days.


Will students be able to interact with teachers during class time?


Yes. Teachers and students will operate in our Google classroom platform. This technology will allow teachers and students to have direct and instant access to each other during instructional time.


Will teachers just give busy work?


No. Teachers will engage students with direct instruction, project-based learning, and continuing projects and assignments prior to these course of events. Teachers will provide rigorous and meaningful instruction to students that will allow for learning to continue uninterrupted.


What about classes that typically are done in person like gym?


Students will receive quality class assignments from all teachers.  For example, there may be a PE assignment requiring students to design, analyze, and submit a low-calorie meal plan.


Will we utilize video conferencing between teachers and students?


Yes. Teachers have full access to video conference with their entire class during each class period utilizing Google Classroom and Google Hangouts. This technology will allow teachers to provide direct instruction and give instant feedback to scholars during actual class time.


Will we have to make up the time for being out of school?


No. From March 18- April 3, classes are still functioning and considered to be “in session”. Each of these days are still considered full instructional days for the school.


What if we don’t have internet access at home?


Spectrum will offer free access to Broadband and Wi-Fi for students without access for 60 days.  Click on the link below for more details. Please contact Spectrum directly at 844-488-8395


What is the best way to communicate with administration?


Parents can communicate with Administration via email. Please make sure that you are checking your email on a daily basis as updates will be shared consistently as this situation may change.


What if students don’t have a Chromebook charger?


Here are links to the various Chromebook chargers.


HP Chromebook 11 G6 takes a USBC charger. This is what the current android phones use. They can be found at Walmart, Target, $5 Below, etc.


HP Chromebook 11 G5 Charger


Lenovo N23 Chromebook



May we use our cellphones for instruction and classroom engagement?


Yes.  Students may use cellphones for instruction during the E-Learning sessions.  Once classes resume in person, cellphones are not allowed for instruction in the academic wing.


What if I have other things to do from home while school is in session virtually?


Our expectation is that students are highly engaged in instruction during school hours (refer to the E-Learning Guidelines and Class Schedule).  We will adhere to our normal A/B- Day class schedule (refer to the Academic Calendar located on the CRCP website). Attendance will be taken each class period and you will be marked absent if you do not log in for each class period.  This will impact your academic standing.


Do we still have to pay tuition?


Yes. School is still in session everyday.  Students will be expected to participate in school as if they were coming to the building everyday.  It is our expectation that the rigor and continuity of learning for the students remains uninterrupted during this time.


What can we expect after April 3rd?


We will be in a E-Learning environment from March 18 - April 3rd. Cardinal Ritter College Prep will maintain its predetermined spring break schedule from April 6 - April 10th. After spring break, classes are scheduled to resume in person on April 14th. However, pending continuing updates and guidance from state and local officials, if that changes we will keep you informed.


Can we still expect prom?


At this point, nothing has been canceled. However, it could be a decision that’s made at the state or local level regarding a mandate on gatherings. Safety will be our first priority.


What about graduation?


At this point, all scheduled events in May will continue as planned. However, it could be a decision that’s made at the state or local level regarding a mandate on gatherings which could impact scheduled events in May.


What about spring sports and other co-curricular activities?


Cardinal Ritter College Prep events (home and away) scheduled now until April 5th are cancelled.  This includes all track meets, baseball games, music activities, and all other MSHSAA and MSHSAA sanctioned activities. There will be no practices after school effective March 18th. We will evaluate athletics/activities scheduled April 6th.  


What if we feel overwhelmed?


These are unprecedented times. While we expect our scholars to be engaged, it is fully understandable for anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed. Scholars are encouraged to stay in constant communication with their teachers about their concerns. However, should a scholar need added support during this time, they are encouraged to conference with our counseling staff directly. Mrs. Nicole Ostrowski  can be reached at


When will everything get back to normal?

The impact of the COVID-19 virus continues to grow every day and we must do everything possible to minimize the spread. Given what has transpired in other countries nothing should be viewed as an overreaction given that lives are at stake. Now more than ever we must rally around each other and be our brother and sister’s keeper to the very best of our ability. May we pray for each other, for those that are ill, and for all healthcare professionals, and may the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit be glorified in the mission of Cardinal Ritter College Prep and through all places throughout the world. – Amen.