Code of Conduct

A school is as good as the reputation of its students. Disciplinary rules are adopted in order to create an atmosphere in which widely different personalities will live together harmoniously while working toward common life-giving objectives. The students at Cardinal Ritter Prep are expected to conduct themselves as Christian young men and women. This includes behavior in the classroom, throughout the school, within the vicinity of the school, on public or school transportation, and at all school functions (whether on or off school property). It also includes any activity in public or on “The Web.” The school will take disciplinary action against any member of the school community who violates the accepted school code and thus jeopardizes the rights of other members of the school or the broader community.

Each Ritter student and his/her parent/guardian have signed a contract indicating their knowledge and acceptance of these discipline guidelines.

PHILOSOPHY OF DISCIPLINE Students have an educational responsibility to promote a positive understanding of discipline. There are three distinct phases of this responsibility:

To reinforce a Christian school environment where the activities of students and adults are orderly and promote a climate of cooperation and support of the school’s mission.

To emphasize an understanding of the need for discipline throughout society.

To build up the student's desire for self-discipline.

We believe that the best discipline is self-imposed and that each student should learn to assume responsibility for his/her actions. Our goal is to enhance each student's awareness of his/her personal responsibility by providing an orderly and predictable set of expectations, so each student can choose the course of action that is in his/her best personal interests. The development of responsible adults is a task that cannot be left solely to the school. There is a direct relationship between student success and parent support. We recognize that we are teammates with parents, counselors, support services, churches, and outside agencies. When communicating with parents concerning unacceptable behavior, we attempt to create a plan, mutually agreed upon, with timelines and benchmarks toward student success. Such a plan has its greatest chance for success when it includes the student, the parent, the teacher, and the administrator.

There are major rules and regulations that govern student conduct at Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School. Each student is expected to abide by all federal, state, and school laws and regulations. Also, each student is expected to exhibit common courtesies of decency, morality, cleanliness, honesty, and cooperation. Any student who fails to comply with the Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School code of behavior is subject to disciplinary action.

Each student is expected to respect the rights of others. Each student also has an obligation to promote and safeguard an atmosphere where all learning and enrichment activities can take place without fear of disruption. Disruptive or dangerous student behavior in class, on school grounds, during school functions, or while coming to and going home from school is
not tolerated.