Graduation Requirements

Students should be aware that the following are minimum requirements and that more units are offered in some areas. Students must complete 30 credits to graduate from Cardinal Ritter.

Credit is given on the basis of one half units for each semester's work in courses that carry one unit of credit for a year's work. Students must make a grade of at least D to acquire credit.

Students are required to make up all failures in required courses to receive credit and graduate.

College entrance requirements vary from school to school. Students should, therefore, consult the counselor to learn entrance requirements for the colleges they are considering.


English (4.5 credits)
Mathematics (4.5 credits)
Theology (4 credits)
Science (4 credits)
Social Studies (3 credits)
Foreign Language (2 credits)
Physical Education (1 credit)
Computer Science (1 credit)
Orientation (1 credit)
Leadership (1 credit)
Fine Arts (1 credit)
Health (.5 credit)
Consumer Econ. (.5 credit)
Keyboarding (.5 credit)
Electives (2.5 credits)

Students come from 100 different grade schools and 38 different zip codes.

80% of our students are of other faiths (Non-Catholic).
There are 306 students.
14:1 is the student to teacher ratio, 11:1 is the student to professional staff ratio.
CRCP has approximately 61% of faculty and staff who currently have advanced degrees or are working towards them..